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Weekly Travel Deals: 24 June
Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Until recently, hotel search and reservation, even in a nearby city, took a lot of time and hard work. The lack of information forced you to agree to any terms, while poor service and uncomfortable rooms often ruined your much-anticipated vacation. Modern technologies have changed all that and now it only takes a few minutes to book a hotel anywhere in the world. EasyMundo Hotels compares prices of 261 000 hotels, 17 000 hostels, 134 000 guesthouses, 149 000 apartments.

Top 5 hotel deals:

*Basileus Hotel, Istanbul 4****: $44, rating: 9,4

*Aquamarine Hotel, Moscow 4****: $66, rating: 8,9

*Aqua Vista Resort & Spa, Hurghada 4****: $53, avg. rating: 8,9

*Mosaic House, Prague 4****: $29, avg. rating: 8,8

*Holiday Inn Resort, Phuket 4****: $70, avg. rating: 8,8

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